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who are we

The company has been working in the field of electromechanical systems in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Makkah Region for more than 13 years. It is one of the companies specialized in light current operation (low pressure), security, safety and central air conditioning. It is characterized by a group of specialized engineers who are responsible for designing and executing engineering supervision and delivering projects to consultants. Or the representative of the owner and training them to deal with the systems, and also characterized by the availability of skilled manpower capable of implementing the prescribed items and follow the guidance of supervision.


Our Mission

Our mission can be summed up in the principle derived from the name we have launched on our company is a guarantee of quality and safety of work, we aim to provide our services at the highest level of craft without having a significant impact on the prices we offer our services, to be our motto is to provide the highest quality at the strongest prices Competitiveness.


Our vision

Our vision is to provide a large number of services needed by companies, institutions, hotels and all other parties, and to work on the use of the most engineers and technicians, the most professional and professional, as well as the use of the latest tools and the latest resources required to achieve the highest level of professionalism.


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